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RIP WallStreetBets:

Is it all over before it really started? FWIW I think this whole saga has been brilliant but they're now becoming victims of their own success. WSB has become pedestalled by a clueless press and infiltrated and bastardised beyond recognition by the very people they...

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Important holiday trading information

The Christmas holidays are upon us again, so be prepared for what's to come over the next two weeks Today is likely to be the last proper trading day of the year. We've been speaking to people in the industry (banks/fin firms etc) and it seems nearly all the financial...

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Rotation, ROTATION!

Gold and BTC divergence. It's a hot topic these days. Since the major institutionals found their way to BTC, gold has definitely lost some of its shine. Positioning, less safe haven needs, the next US stimulus round having to wait a bit to see th elight of day ,...

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What’s the point of ‘Livetrading’?

There's a reason I wanted to put this trade up in public today and that wasn't to try and look Billy big bollocks The GBPUSD trade today could have just as easily gone bad. What I wanted to show was the process and trade management that we teach and encourage to a lot...

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The ForexFlow US election trading guide

Blue waves, red waves, hair waves, we've got you covered over the US election by doing what we do best, keeping things simple If you're feeling seasick from hearing about different coloured waves then fear not, we're nearly at the conclusion of the US election (or...

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The Brexit risk to GBP today is symmetrical

Be careful about trading GBP today The EU have pushed the onus back to the UK to move their position, and UK's Raab has indicated that it's the EU who need to do the same. Stalemate once again in the great Brexit game. What that has done is put Boris on the spot over...

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This week has been a good week for break trading

When markets are stuck in tight ranges, we must always be planning for the breaks For many weeks we've seen pairs stuck in boring tight ranges, unclear direction and an unwillingness to push the boundaries but this week has been different. We've seen many breaks of...

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