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A super special NFP competition

Celebrating the joining of two forces It's been a while but as it's a special occasion it's time to resurrect the famous US non-farm payrolls competition. As you know, ForexFlow and Forex Analytix have merged our two services to offer a complete suite of trading...

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The bond moves explained and what it means for FX

The simple answer is often the best answer We've been scratching our heads a bit in our trading room over the bond moves (and others) in recent days. Is it falling Central bank expectations, or fearing a top in inflation, problems over the next US stimulus package etc...

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A big song and dance over US inflation

Trading preview of the US CPI data today Both CPI and Core CPI are expected to jump again. CPI is expected at 4.7% vs 4.2% pr y/y. Core 3.4% exp vs 3.0% pr y/y. Here's what a lot of the eyeballs are on. Obviously energy inflation is a big part of any inflation data...

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Dollar and the three bears

Fixed Income Research & Macro Strategy (FIRMS) - 4X Global Research The US Dollar Nominal Effective Exchange Rate (NEER) traded in a narrow range of 1.8% between late-2020 and early March, according to our estimates. The Dollar then embarked on a 3-4 week rally,...

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Fed preview – Shock and awe, or Spock and snore?

The market is going dotty over the Fed The only question today (again) is whether Powell is going to stick to the script or jawbone on rates. Given his recent comments, the logical conclusion (that's the Spock reference BTW) should be that he sticks to his old lines...

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The simple market explainer

Are you struggling to understand the market moves and the explanations for them? If you are, ForexFlow will give you all the explanation you need Not every trader is an economics or finance expert (not many "experts" in this game are actually experts at all but that's...

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RIP WallStreetBets:

Is it all over before it really started? FWIW I think this whole saga has been brilliant but they're now becoming victims of their own success. WSB has become pedestalled by a clueless press and infiltrated and bastardised beyond recognition by the very people they...

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Important holiday trading information

The Christmas holidays are upon us again, so be prepared for what's to come over the next two weeks Today is likely to be the last proper trading day of the year. We've been speaking to people in the industry (banks/fin firms etc) and it seems nearly all the financial...

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