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This week has been a good week for break trading

When markets are stuck in tight ranges, we must always be planning for the breaks For many weeks we've seen pairs stuck in boring tight ranges, unclear direction and an unwillingness to push the boundaries but this week has been different. We've seen many breaks of...

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How to trade the EU Summit

This weekend's EU Summit is going to be dangerous for trading because markets will be closed and any big news will likely see price gaps on the Sunday night open. Here's our brief of how best to trade it Two big ticket items up for discussion - EU rescue fund & EU...

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Kyle Bass and the HKD story

Hong Kong is a hot topic at the moment but it's not just geopolitical plays being made. Here we look into what's going on on the trading side We don't need to lay out in detail what's been happening on the policitcal side of Hong Kong right now but the market effect...

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The ForexFlow NFP competition is back for a US Independence day special!! I didn't realise it but it's been exactly a year since the last NFP compo, so it's about time we brought it back. To make up for lost time, there's going to be an opportunity for two lucky...

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USD out of favour or a virus reversal?

Lots of discussion in our trading room today on what's driving the USD weakness Some analysts have tied it to the riots in the US but if that were so, and money was exiting the US, we'd be seeing an exit from US stocks and bonds too, irrespective of Fed action....

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