Morgan Stanley won’t get the chance to profit if the BOC don’t hike

Morgan Stanley’s FX forecasts for 2018

Morgan Stanley are out with their 2018 Global Strategy Outlook The guys and girls over at Morgan Stanley have put together their thoughts for 2018. Here’s a look at their FX forecasts first. Numbers are Q1-4 2018 & 2019 EURUSD 2018 1.20/1.23/1.18/1.17. 2019...
Morgan Stanley have gone short AUDUSD

Morgan Stanley have gone short AUDUSD

In their latest excellent weekly FX report, Morgan Stanley have loaded up on AUDUSD shorts Morgan Stanley went short with a limit order at the New York close last night (that’s about 0.7850 by my reckoning). Their reasoning; The rates market have priced in two...

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