ForexFlow.live was born to fulfil a need to deliver relevant trading news and analysis for traders of all experiences. We aim to cut the wheat from the chaff of forex and other trading news and deliver what matters to traders.

We hold ourselves to 5 key principles.


If you’re looking for sources of trading information then you need to trust who gives it to you. ForexFlow is the trusted source in the trading world. Why?


ForexFlow is “for traders, by traders”. The writers and participants at ForexFlow are traders that have decades of experience in financial markets, from bank trading desks to exchange floor traders, to self-taught traders. Experience has been hard earnt and not bought, so who better to trust than those who have been trading for a very long time.


ForexFlow wants to teach. There’s no point holding trust and experience if you’re not willing to share. At ForexFlow we will teach you about one of the most important rules in trading, not how to win but how not to lose. If you’re looking for someone to tell you when to push the buy or sell button, or give you signals, please feel free to go elsewhere. If you really want to achieve the best foundation for your trading career, and learn from those who have fought the same battles you have, be prepared to work hard and learn what it really takes to be a trader.


Markets and trading are full of pitfalls and traps. Trading strategies that worked one day may not work the next. News that sent a market up one month, may send it down another. We monitor the news and market moves, and put forth our analysis in real-time. We navigate through the economic data numbers, news, events and price moves, to define what they mean to you and your trades now and in the future.


Our community is what makes ForexFlow special. There’s no pedestals here. We are as eager to learn as we are to teach. We want to have our thoughts and trading plans challenged and dissected, and we promise to do the same for you. Our community views and opinions are hugely important, whether they agree or disagree with our own or each other’s. Sometimes all it takes is one comment to highlight an idea missed, or something unthought of, that can stop a trade becoming a loser and make it a winner. We are here to listen and answer any questions you have, no matter how complex or rudimental they may be, and if we can’t answer it, we’ll either find the answer for you, or others in our community may.

The only stupid question is the one not asked.

Welcome on board.

What is ForexFlow.live?

ForexFlow.live delivers relevant, breaking forex and other market news and analysis to traders of every experience. ForexFlow.live does it with style, effectiveness and more than a spoonful of fun. ForexFlow.live produces analysis, and deciphers the news and data in a way that cuts straight to the heart of trading, clearly, concisely and quickly. Most importantly, ForexFlow.live is run for traders, by traders. If you really want the fastest and best global trading views and opinions in the market, ForexFlow.live is all you need. Good luck with your trading.

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