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Fed preview – Shock and awe, or Spock and snore?

The market is going dotty over the Fed The only question today (again) is whether Powell is going to stick to the script or jawbone on rates. Given his recent comments, the logical conclusion (that's the Spock reference BTW) should be that he sticks to his old lines...

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Taking stock

We're seeing signs of consolidation in some pairs so here's a look at the developing ranges Yesterday I did a video for the folks over at the Investing Channel about what's currently developing in several FX pairs. https://youtu.be/gnbmmmB0S1s

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US and UK: The Comeback Kids

Fixed Income Research & Macro Strategy (FIRMS) - 4X Global Research The US Dollar NEER has since 12th February appreciated about 2.3% to a 4-month high and its inverse correlation with the S&P 500 (-4.2%) has re-established itself. This is in line with our...

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The simple market explainer

Are you struggling to understand the market moves and the explanations for them? If you are, ForexFlow will give you all the explanation you need Not every trader is an economics or finance expert (not many "experts" in this game are actually experts at all but that's...

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Currency seasonality’s slow comeback?

Fixed Income Research & Macro Strategy (FIRMS) from 4X Global Research This report updates the monthly seasonal patterns of 31 major Nominal Effective Exchange Rates (NEERs) going back to January 2010, using over two million daily data points with trade-weights...

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RIP WallStreetBets:

Is it all over before it really started? FWIW I think this whole saga has been brilliant but they're now becoming victims of their own success. WSB has become pedestalled by a clueless press and infiltrated and bastardised beyond recognition by the very people they...

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Caught in a GBP trap

GBP looked like it was making a break last week but that quickly reversed. GBPUSD and EURGBP were two pairs we were trading. In this video we explain what happened and what is likely to come next https://youtu.be/OOPnFE4IAEc

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Biden’s trump cards and challenges

Fixed Income Research & Macro Strategy (FIRMS) from 4X Global Research Barring another dramatic twist in an already torturous two months of political upheaval, Joe Biden will find a very full in-tray when he settles into the famed Oval Office in eight days time....

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Important holiday trading information

The Christmas holidays are upon us again, so be prepared for what's to come over the next two weeks Today is likely to be the last proper trading day of the year. We've been speaking to people in the industry (banks/fin firms etc) and it seems nearly all the financial...

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Far more to Renminbi than USD/CNY cross

Fixed Income Research & Macro Strategy (FIRMS) from 4X Global Research The prevailing market view, as depicted in a recent Reuters article, is seemingly that Chinese policy makers are happy to allow further Renminbi appreciation versus the Dollar driven by a...

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Time is priceless but has a steep cost

Fixed Income Research & Macro Strategy (FIRMS) – 4X Global Research While some countries, including Sweden and United states, have eschewed national lockdowns over the past nine months or so the vast majority have adopted unprecedented measures to deal with a once...

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Rotation, ROTATION!

Gold and BTC divergence. It's a hot topic these days. Since the major institutionals found their way to BTC, gold has definitely lost some of its shine. Positioning, less safe haven needs, the next US stimulus round having to wait a bit to see th elight of day ,...

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What’s the point of ‘Livetrading’?

There's a reason I wanted to put this trade up in public today and that wasn't to try and look Billy big bollocks The GBPUSD trade today could have just as easily gone bad. What I wanted to show was the process and trade management that we teach and encourage to a lot...

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