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Are you ready for the next flash crash?

Here's how to trade and protect yourself from flash crashes With Easter and an extended Japanese holiday looming, some folks are growing increasingly worried about a flash crash due to the lower liquidity, so here's some advice. Here's the thing with crashes; You...

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Forex options expiries 18 April 2019

Forex options expiring at the 10am (14.00 GMT) New York cut 18 April 2019 Not that USDJPY manages to stray far anyway but it might be more inclined not to stray far from a big whack at 112.00. The European data has pushed EURUSD well out of the way of over 6 yards...

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Japanese investors are propping up JPY pairs

Japanese investors still have cash to burn Alongside our institutional Forex orders published each day on the ForexFlow platform, we also get some inside chatter on who's doing what business. For the last week or so, we've known that Japanese investors have been on...

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Sunday 14.04.2019 FX opening rates.

Quiet opening of the retail market. Good evening all, IMF came and went, Draghi remains cautious, the rest mostly said H2 2019 should see the global economy improve. SNB Jordan faithful to his interventionist chatter, keeping the door open to more of the same if...

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GBP a tad higher pre-open, the rest quiet on the retail open.

FX opening rates 07.04.2019. Good evening, morning for our Asian fellow traders and readers, The weekend press hasn't, barring UK PM May leaning towards either her deal or no exit, produced to many big waves. GBP opens OK but it's early doors and seen the illiquidity,...

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It’s NFP competition time!

Get your thinking caps on for the ForexFlow Non-farm payrolls competition The ForexFlow NFP compo is back with a bang. As we missed last month's there's a double-bubble prize today. This month, two of the closest guesses will each receive a 1 month pass to the...

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The final whistle of the week.

FX closing rates 29.03.2019 That's it then for this week again. Loads of ups and down, GBP all over the shop, CAD regaining some colours, CHF taking over as the main risk off currency, EUR not able to stand up and closes the week on the bottom edge of the 1.12-15 box....

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