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Are we at the end of the volatility?

As central banks and governments open the monetary hoses to cushion the economic effects of the Coronavirus, have we now seen the worst of the fear pass, and what trading opportunities are there now? https://youtu.be/pWOuozA4Ljo

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Global growth shaken, central banks stirred

Fixed Income Research & Macro Strategy (FIRMS) from 4X Global Research The drastic measures which governments across the world have taken so far to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus have few precedents outside of war times and therefore quantifying their...

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Virus, volatility and valuations

4X Global Research Fixed Income Research & Macro Strategy (FIRMS) – 27 February 2020 In reaction to the coronavirus epidemic governments across the world have enacted measures unprecedented in recent decades, including closing national borders, setting up...

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Video – How low can AUDUSD go?

In this video I discuss a short trade in AUDUSD Several of the traders in the ForexFlow trading room, as well as myself, put together a strategy for running shorts in this pair, and have been through most of January. Here's a look at how the trade is going and whether...

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What’s got into the Swissy then?

CHF in a world of its own? CHF buying has been steady and persistent all of 2019 really, and the latest selling into the end of 2019 and early this year goes against the general risk picture. While JPY pairs have bounced on the favourable risk picture, the swissy is...

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Your simple guide to the UK election

Here's the easy way to trade the election While the rest of the world try to bamboozle and confuse you with paragraphs of pointless details, drivel and analysis, throwing up maps and lists of seats and what might happen, we at ForexFlow like to take the simple...

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A mildly positive risk market on the open?

The weekend press headlines. Good Sunday evening, Monday morning fellow FX traders. -Give an take a bit of political banter, it seems the weekend got a little better as it progressed from China's political banter at the WTO yesterday into tighter IP protection rules...

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