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US EIA weekly oil inventories 6.490m vs 2.500m exp

US weekly oil inventory data w/e 12 October 2018 Prior 5.987m OPD -2.1m Cushing 1.776m vs 2.359m prior. OPD 1.5m Gasoline -2.016m vs 1.000m exp, Prior 0.951m. OPD -3.4m Distillates -0.827m vs -1.400m exp. Prior -2.666m. OPD -0.246m Productions 10.9m vs 11.2m prior...

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US Sept Retail sales mom 0.1 % vs 0.5% expected

US September 2018 retail sales and NY manufacturing index data on 15.10.2018 prior 0.1% Retail sales ex autos -0.1% vs 0.4% exp, prior 0.3%, revised to 0.2% Retail sales ex gas/autos 0.0% vs 0.2% prior, revised to 0.1% Retail sales control group 0.5 % vs 0.4% exp,...

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No Brexit beliebers left then?

Sunday 14.10.2018 FX opening rates. Good evening all together. I hope you a good rest. A lot has happened and still is to happen. Brexit evolves( or not) by the hour, Bavarian elections gave Merkel the shivers. In the Middle East, nothing had been made easier either....

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US Sept PPI mom 0.2% vs 0.2% expected.

US September 2018 PPI data on 10.10.2018 Prior -0.1% PPI yoy 2.6% vs 2.8% exp, prior 2.8% PPI ex food and energy mom 0.2% vs 0.2% exp, prior -0.1% PPI ex food and energy yoy 2.5% vs 2.5% exp, prior 2.3%. Here's the report. Not a lot to go for. USD pretty unmoved, call...

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All the UK data 10 October 2018

August 2018 UK industrial, manufacturing & construction production, GDP and trade balance data 10 October 2018 Industrial production 0.2% vs 0.1% exp m/m. Prior 0.1%. Revised to 0.4% 1.3% vs 1.0% exp y/y. Prior 0.9%. Revised to 1.0% Manufacturing -0.2% vs 0.1% exp...

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