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A trader’s view: MXN – Indices – Metals

A great analysis piece by ForexFlow platform member Jorge Celio MXN My main driver on MXN has and continue to be Remittances. The slow down makes me nervous. In terms of positioning will have a cautiously approach. I would be a seller of EURMXN on any EUR strength. ...

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Forex options expiries 19 August 2019

Forex options expiring at the 10am (14.00 GMT) New York cut 19 August 2019 EURUSD is hanging around the larger of its expiries today so we may not be straying far given the range so far today. The options landscape in general is looking quite sparse as we're in the...

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Forex options expiries 16 August 2019

Forex options expiring at the 10am (14.00 GMT) New York cut 16 August 2019 The last day of the week in what has been a fairly quiet one in the options universe. There's an element of summer trading here so we'll have to wait until things pick up.

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Forex options expiries 14 August 2019

Forex options expiring at the 10am (14.00 GMT) New York cut 14 August 2019 105.80-106.00 might be in play in the coming hour or so but with risk looking less than favourable, we'll have to see how things progress early in the US day.

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USDJPY plays ball at 105.00

With the new week kicking off with some hefty risk aversion, here's how we at ForexFlow have traded it As you'll see from the video we highlighted the big support picture at 105.00 in USDJPY and had trade set ups for trading it both ways. Not long after the video, we...

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China went and did it!!

US & China trade war skirts close to the cliff edge as USDCNH and USDCNY smash through the big 7.00 level. Here's what to watch for over the next few sessions As we digest the fall out from the next chapter of the US/China trade war we need to be on watch for what...

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Forex options expiries 5 August 2019

Forex options expiring at the 10am (14.00 GMT) New York cut 5 august 2019 A fairly quiet start to the week. What is of note is the lack of downside coverage in many of the majors this week (and has been a feature for a while on the options landscape). That's going to...

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The lean green salad NFP’s

US labour report preview 02.08.2019 What is supposed to be the main course of day could turn out to be nothing more than a small starter in the light of everything that's going around on trade and geopolitics in this world. But traders we are so we will be looking for...

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Has the rebuilding work begun in GBP

When you get big moves like this the market needs time to settle down In the case of a fall in price, those that missed the boat with either unfilled offers or being able to cover longs will be hitting any bounce. We're being told that liquidity isn't the best right...

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Your quick trading guide to the ECB

It's nearly time for the main event of the day, the ECB meeting,so here's a quick guide to trading it it's going to be very difficult to grab a trade unless we decipher the details very quickly. There's going to be three stages. 1. Announcement - Cut, no cut, what's...

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