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For years, traders have had the deck stacked against them as the big institutions had all the news and market knowledge way ahead of the retail trader. We aim to redress that balance with the ForexFlow Trading Platform.

At ForexFlow we have a mission to level the playing field for retail traders by bringing more insight from inside the market

The ForexFlow Trading Platform provides access to a large community of real traders who openly communicate and who are ready to help less experienced traders navigate markets. Our chatrooms are a breeding ground for ideas and strategies, and also a place to learn how to trade properly.

We have brought together some of the most knowledgeable traders in the business to share their insight and experience. We have traders who have traded markets in every corner of the globe and who trade their own money each and every day.

The platform also provides breaking market news and analysis, forex orders, option levels & option market information, as well as charting functions, live data releases, squawk, research, live broadcasts, webinars and trading, direct from the platform. No more need for multiple browser pages and programs running. It’s a one-stop shop for all traders.

If you want to get ahead of the game, come and join us.

Here is what Traders think of our Platform

“I think Forexflow is the perfect partner for any forex trader especially the retail type sitting at home alone at his or her laptop.The moment you log on to Forexflow you become part of a community with all levels of skill and experience of the trading world and not just forex. You see what other traders are seeing and watching.Both technical levels and sentiment.You can see their trades with both entries and stops and profit targets and most importantly you can ask the group what they think about your trading ideas and expect excellent feedback.You get all the global news and research you need.The Livesquawk is a must for any day trader and you get prompt and precise information as it is happening.I would like to the thank the whole team at Forexflow for providing such an invaluable service and look forward to each day with the great people in the trading room where we work, play, have a laugh and let off some steam!” – User S

“Excellent, friendly community to share with and learn from. The included Livesquawk is very useful to have on in the background. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience from the instructors and fellow members, which can certainly support your existing trades and add to confidence levels, or help you spot a potential pitfall in your reasoning. Definitely the best element I’ve added to my trading resources in a long time.” – User P

“For a NA based trader trading European/NY crossover hrs the platform gives a real edge in real time, Koen’s fundamental analysis is excellent as are the trade notifications. Same for Dubsly. It is all good. My impression so far. Enjoy RL’s running commentary and analysis too. Also think 5M is a smart trader who brings a lot to the site.” – User R

“I enjoy the social part of it and seeing how others think/trade events and news. Good way to see if others view events and development in the market as you do and get a feel for what people with different news flows expect rather then being in a “echo chamber” of your regular news and inputs locally..Nice way to see what is/has just happened when coming back to the computer after being away.” – User S

Here’s what we offer

ForexFlow Trading Platform

  • Live Trading Chatroom
  • Live charting
  • Live Data
  • Key Interbank FX order levels daily with live updates
  • Full Option expiry and barrier reports daily
  • Live breaking market news & insight
  • Market squawk*
  • Top financial research
  • Live broadcasts and webinars

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Use of the platform

The ForexFlow Trading Platform is run and hosted on third party software. ForexFlow Ltd has no rights or control over changes to the platform, save for any requested by ForexFlow Ltd. All and any software is provided by Echofin and their partners. Any services provided by ForexFlow Ltd may also be from third-party providers and we take no responsibly for their use, change or withdrawal from the platform. Such services (provided by either Echofin and ForexFlow Ltd) can be changed, altered or withdrawn (by either Echofin or ForexFlow Ltd) at their discretion.

Some of the widgets and plugins in the platform are also third-party services and may be withdrawn or changed without notice.

ForexFlow Ltd and all users of the ForexFlow Trading Platform are bound by the Echofin Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy and the ForexFlow Ltd Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy as detailed at Use of the platform constitutes acceptance of all terms, conditions and policies.

As a user you may not download, copy, modify, reproduce, publish or republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute in any way, material either provided by Echofin or ForexFlow Ltd and/or its contractors, or material which is subject to any copyright restrictions or laws. Some market related news is solely for use within the platform and may not be reproduced, copied or published outside of the platform.

Failure to abide by any of these terms and conditions may result in an instant cancellation of a users subscription.

Any opinions, news, research, analyses, prices or other information contained on this platform is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. You acknowledge that this platform does not aim to provide investment, tax or legal advice tailored to individual investors and that you can lose money on investments. This platform does not recommend any financial instrument, investment or product, including those discussed on this website. This platform should never be used in isolation of your individual circumstances. You must consider your financial circumstances, risk tolerance, liquidity needs and investment objectives. This platform does not replace the advice of an authorised investment professional or independent financial adviser. The content on this platform is not appropriate for the purposes of making a decision to carry out a transaction or trade. You should check all information and prices immediately prior to carrying out any trade. You acknowledge that neither ForexFlow Ltd, nor ForexFlow Ltd. staff, subcontracted or third-party content providers, will give investment advice as part of our service and that you must not ask them to do so.


Any solicitation of products and services via the platform without permission is forbidden and could result in your subscription being suspended or terminated.


All billing for the use of the ForexFlow Trading Platform is undertaken by Echofin and their payment service providers. Forex Flow Ltd will not be held responsible for any billing issues direct with the payment service providers but we will provide a channel between customers and Echofin to try and resolve any general issues.

Services and billing will commence upon acceptance of any payments and will run concurrently (monthly) from that date.


You are free to cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us via email at All services are non-refundable. When you cancel you will continue to have access until the end of that billing period. While you may cancel at any time you are advised to do so at least 3 days before the next billing period.

It’s good to talk

We encourage open and honest discussion in the chatrooms and we firmly believe in freedom of speech. Trading is full of opinions and we understand that those opinions may clash at times. However, what will not be acceptable is any form of abuse of a personal or general nature. Respect others as you would like to be respected. Failure to do so will result in either a temporary ban of use or us cancelling your subscription altogether.

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*Available via seperate subscription

What is delivers relevant, breaking forex and other market news and analysis to traders of every experience. does it with style, effectiveness and more than a spoonful of fun. produces analysis, and deciphers the news and data in a way that cuts straight to the heart of trading, clearly, concisely and quickly. Most importantly, is run for traders, by traders. If you really want the fastest and best global trading views and opinions in the market, is all you need. Good luck with your trading.

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