Your quick trading guide to the ECB

It's nearly time for the main event of the day, the ECB meeting,so here's a quick guide to trading it it's going to be very difficult to grab a trade unless we decipher the details very quickly. There's going to be three stages. 1. Announcement - Cut, no cut, what's...

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Can you feel the shifting winds in markets?

Since the US & China kiss-and-make up at the G20, things have shifted in markets On Monday we highlighted a potential problem brewing for markets following the upbeat feelings from the G20. FX and stocks were cheering but the bond market wasn't....

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Trading the Fed – When doves cry

A review of trading this big Fed week There's not been much time this week for updating trades on the website because it's been very busy in the trading room so I wanted to give an update of things here and to also talk about the current market dynamics. I've not been...

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The house wins again

Big day today as we get to hear the latest thoughts from the US Fed Dovish? Cuts? No cuts? No fuss? All our questions get answered today so here's how we're looking to trade it.

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A very close NFP competition

This "house" isn't your broker or the market This "house" is the ForexFlow house, who was full of traders short USDMXN from last Thursday and beyond, and have all rang the bell on all or most positions now. Once again, I've got to doff my cap as I've had an amazing...

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Forex option expiries 14 May 2019

It's once again time to pick the magic number for the non-farm payrolls Here we are again folks. It's NFP week and that means the competition is open and you have a chance to win one of two fabulous prizes. The closest to the number will get to join our ever growing...

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Market Quotes by TradingView

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