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The last NFP competition of 2022

We're in the Christmas month now so take part in the last US Non-farm payrolls competition of the year We're in the final furlong of 2022 and what a year it's been so far. There's plenty still to come of course so why not get yourself set up for the busy period to...

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Will this month’s US NFP be a horror show?

As we enter the Halloween month, why not take part in our Non-Farm Payrolls competition We're heading towards what may be a very big jobs report following the negative numbers from the ISM manufacturing report. Will the ISM services data also follow, will ADP? Lots of...

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Kick your summer off with our NFP competition!

Summer is here and after short hiatus, our US Non-Farm Payrolls competition is back up and running Here's your chance to win a free one month subscription to the Forex Analytix traders platform. Enter our NFP competition and you could be one of three lucky winners....

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Central banks are in trouble again

Ukraine/Russia conflict is going to exacerbate problems for the world's central banks Do you know what a central bank doesn't want when it's trying to play catch up on an inflation shock? It's another inflationary shock piled on top of the first one. If you've been...

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Have you got what it takes to be an NFP master?

Competition time folks! Your chance to win a free month's access to the Forex Analytix Platform: Blooming heck, it's March already, and 2022 is starting to feeling like a right slog already. So, what better way to grind through the current market uncertainty than...

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A new month can only mean one thing – PRIZES!!

Time to kick off this month's US Non-Farm Payrolls competition The January NFP number due Friday is already looking spicy with everyone warning about the possible Omicron impact, with a touted 9m people off sick during the data collection period. The Fed heads have...

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Be a trader, not a gambler

Do you really need "one more trade"? When I worked in the CIty, this time of year was usually a complete write off as far as market activity went. Lots of traders would be off, others would come and go when they pleased and a lot of folks would be smashing the...

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