The folks at Livesquawk aren’t slow to try and get to the bottom of things

EURUSD suffered a near 50 pip drop after Reuters ran an ECB “sources” story saying that governing council members disagree on whether to set a firm end date for QE at the Oct meeting.

Reading the full story from Reuters, it’s mainly an argument over the language of any action, and it seems some members don’t want to box themselves in with a nailed on end date. Given how ECB QE and forward guidance has progressed so far, getting an actual end date for anything from the ECB looks a long-shot.

Anyway, the folks at Livesquawk jumped on the phone to the ECB who would refused to confirm or deny the story. Make of that what you will but we should probably expect an ECB bod or two to come out to set the record straight at some point.

Ryan Littlestone

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