Details of the September 2017 Eurozone economic sentiment and final consumer confidence report 28 September 2017

  • Prior 111.9
  • Business climate 1.34 vs 1.11 exp. Prior 1.09
  • Industrial sentiment 6.6 vs 5.1 exp. Prior 5.1
  • Services sentiment 15.3 vs 14.9 exp. Prior 14.9
  • Consumer confidence final -1.2 vs -1.2 exp. Prior -1.2%
  • Inflation expectations 14.2 vs 11.6 prio
  • Selling price expectations 10.5 vs 8.3 prior

The eCB will be happy to see those inflation expectations higher but as long as they don’t go into orbit. The ECB is all about the anchoring if inflation expectations.

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