Details of the August 2017 UK morgage market can consumer credit data 29 September 2017

  • Prior 68,689
  • Mortgage lending 4.041bn vs 3.600bn exp. Prior 3.601bn. Revised to 3.584bn
  • BOE consumer credit 1.538bn vs 1.350bn exp. Prior 1.179bn. Revised to 1.666bn
  • M4 money supply 0.9% vs 0.5% prior y/y. Revised to 0.4%
  • 4.4% vs 4.4% prior  y/y
  • Ex-other financials 4.8% vs 3.3% prior 3m/ann. Revised to 3.2%

A slight drop in approvals offset by higher lending. The consumer credit numbers don’t look good though, although it’s not going on the plastic, which came in at 318m vs 425m prior.

Between this and the GDP data, the pound has dropped down to 1.3380 from 1.3420.

Ryan Littlestone

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