The final September 2017 Us Michigan consumer sentiment report 29 September 2017

  • Flash 95.3. Aug 96.8
  • Current conditions 111.7 vs 113.7 exp. Prior 113.9
  • Expectations 84.4 vs 83.2 exp. Prior 83.4
  • 1yr inflation expectations 2.7% unch
  • 5yr 2.5% vs 2.6% prior

A slight drop in current conditions, though probably not unsurprising given the hurricanes recently. If some of the survey phone calls were to hurricane victims, i doubt they’d be overly enthusiastic about things right now.

Comments now from survey director Curtin;

  • Confidence has shown astonishing resilience
  • Impact of hurricanes has quickly faded

What cobblers. Any poor data is going to be blamed on the hurricanes for the next 2 months.

Ryan Littlestone

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