Details from the September 2017 US ADP employment report 04 October 2017

  • Prior 237k. Revised to 228k
  • Small biz -7k vs 48k prior
  • Medium 63k vs 74k prior
  • Large 79k vs 115k prior
  • Service sector 88k vs 204k prior
  • Goods sector 48k vs 33k prior

Sector breakdown;

  • Trade & transport -18k vs 56k prior
  • Construction 29k vs 18k prior
  • Manufacturing 18k vs 16k prior
  • Professionals & biz 51k vs 39k prior
  • Education & health 29k vs 45k prior
  • Leisure 20k vs 51k prior
  • Financial 4k vs 11k prior
  • Resource & mining 1k vs -1k prior
  • Information -11k vs -3k prior
  • Other 13k vs 5k prior

Sights have been set lower due to the hurricanes, and that’s the same for Friday’s NFP’s. Rough consenus is around the 100k mark for those.


Ryan Littlestone

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