US oil inventory data week ending 20 October 2017

  • Prior -5.731m
  • Overnight private data showed inventories +0.519m
  • Cushing -0.237mm vs 0.202m prior
  • Gasoline -5.465m vs 1.700m exp. Prior 0.908m (Private data showed -5.753m)
  • Distilates -5.246m vs 0.0m exp. Prior 0.528m
  • Production 9.507m vs 8.406m prior

Big jump in production but that again could be some catch up for the recent weather related closures.

Not a lot going on in WTI as the numbers are pretty spot on to the overnight private data. 52.36 trades, from a 35 tick data range.

Ryan Littlestone

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