September 2017 US JOLTS report 07 November 2017

  • Prior 6.082m
  • Hires 5.273m vs 5.430m. Revised to 5.420m
  • Separations 5.240m vs 5.228m prior. Revised to 5.273m
  • Quits 3.182m vs 3.124m prior. Revised to 3.093m

This data is lagging the NFP’s so it’s not wholly market moving. However, it doesn’t really show any weather shakedown so that’s another signal that the jobs market wasn’t harmed too much over the hurricanes. The Fed will want to see those quits picks up as that can signal a willingness for workers to change jobs. As ling as that’s to get up the jobs/skills ladder, that’s a positve for wages.

US JOLTS details

US JOLTS details

Ryan Littlestone

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