BOE’s Ben Broadbent speaks at the LSE

  • EU Withdrawal Isn’t Something That Necessarily Means Lower Interest Rates; This Belief Is Overdone
  • Not Inevitable To Say Rates Will Rise As Brexit Proceeds
  • Households Aren’t Anything Like As Pessimistic As Financial Markets About Brexit
  • MPC Putting More Weight Than Usual On Direct Measures Of Spare Capacity
  • We’ve Had Only Limited Data Since Productivity Flattened Out
  • It’s premature to claim that low unemployment no longer generates upward pressure on wages
  • BOE was right to remove accommodation this month, given above target inflation and dwindling spare capacity

Not much for traders to grab on to here. The market will be focused on any hints of further hikes but so far, BOE talking heads haven’t made any implications for the future, except to stick to the path set in the inflation report.


Ryan Littlestone

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