ECB man and Bundesbank head Jens Weidmann

  • Accommodative Monetary Policy Stance Remains Appropriate In The Euro Area
  • Monetary Policy Will Remain Highly Accommodative Even After Net Purchases (APP) Have Ended
  • Economic Recovery Has Progressed Further Than Inflation Figures Currently Suggest
  • The ECB Should Set A Clear End Date For Net Asset Purchases
  • Due To Reinvestments, Monetary Policy Will Remain Highly Accommodative Even After APP Is Finished
  • A Less Distinct Loosening Of Monetary Policy Is Justified
  • The Longer Monetary Policy Remains Ultra-Loose, The Greater Risk Of Side-Effects
  • Setting A Clear End Date To Net Asset Purchases Wouldn’t Signify Policy Reversal
  • Monetary Policy Alone Cannot Bring Lasting Prosperity For Our Economies
  • More Fiscal Reform Is Required In Germany
  • Slowing Labour Supply Will Cut Germany’s Growth Potential To Below 1% With 10-Yrs
  • With An Ageing Population, Germany’s Economy Must Become More Productive
  • Within The Monetary Union The Question Of Risk Sharing Must Be Addressed
  • In Europe, Conditions For A Euro-Area-Wide Deposit Insurance Are Not Yet Met
  • A Common European Deposit Guarantee Scheme Could, Theoretically, Heighten Confidence In National Banking Systems
  • Banks Need To Clear Up Existing Non-Performing Loans

Nothing untoward in his comments and pretty repetitive.

EURUSD doing nothing at 1.1794.

Ryan Littlestone

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