November 2017 Canadian employment report 1 December 2017

  • Prior 35.3k
  • Unemployment rate 5.9% vs 6.2% exp. Prior 6.3%
  • Participation rate 65.7% vs 65.7% prior
  • Full-time employment change 29.6k vs 88.7k prior
  • Part-time 49.9k vs -53.1k prior

A very strong report. USDCAD trades down to 1.2787 from 1.2890.

The goods sector tacked on 37.4k, services 42.1k. The other good news is a continued push into full-time employment. The full/part time component can be a bit of a revolving door month to month.

I’m bid at 1.2780 but that looks to be too low for now. The loonie has a tendency to get a second and third wind.

Ryan Littlestone

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