November 2017 US Markit manufacturing PMI final 1 December 2017

  • Flash 53.8. Oct 54.6
  • Output 54.5 vs 54.3 flash. Oct 54.6
  • New orders 54.4 vs 54.3 flash. Oct 54.7
  • Output prices at the highest since Dec 2013

“US manufacturers reported further solid growth in November. The rate of expansion settled slightly after October’s rebound from the hurricanes, but still leaves the sector on course for its best quarter since the opening months of 2015.” Said Markit’s Chris Williamson

He also had a warning for the higher input prices which pours some cold water on the headline above;

“Prices continued to rise at an increased rate, linked to higher costs, though in many cases the price hikes were linked to ongoing supply chain disruptions since the hurricanes, suggesting
inflationary pressures should start to cool soon, at least in terms of manufacturing costs.”


Ryan Littlestone

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