November 2017 US ADP employment report 6 December 2017

  • Small biz 50k vs 79k prior
  • Medium 99k vs 66k prior
  • Large 41k vs 90k prior
  • Service sector155 k vs 150k prior
  • Goods sector 36k vs 85k prior

Sector breakdown;

  • Trade & transport 36k vs -50k prior
  • Construction -4k vs 62k prior
  • Manufacturing 40k vs 22k prior
  • Professionals & biz 47k vs 109k prior
  • Education & health 54k vs 39k prior
  • Leisure 25k vs 45k prior
  • Financial 7k vs 9k prior
  • Resource & mining 0k vs 1k prior
  • Information -13k vs -27k prior
  • Other -2k vs 24k prior

Pretty much bang on the money and no shocks here. That’s given USDJPY a small lift to 112.20 form 112.07.

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