Here’s some levels to keep an eye on after the US joobs report

All I’m readin right now is about how wages missed expectations. As my colleague K-Man noted in a chat just now, wages may have missed but they still were up on last month. That’s an important point and it’s a solid reason why the buck hasn’t slid further. Write off the NFP report now as there’s bigger fish to fry and I think we’re going to see some hefty options action coming into play, as we’ve been prompting all day.

Here’s a reminder of the options board, and I’ve highlighted the big areas that could be in play as they are nearest to current prices.

Forex option expiries

USDJPY is currently trading at 113.27, so well within reach. EURUSD is trading at 1.1765 and there’s a lot going off between 1.1750 and 1.1800. There’s no guarantees we move anywhere or challenge any of these levels but they could well be a factor as we move towards the expiry at 15.00 GMT.

Here’s more information on how options can affect spot prices.

Ryan Littlestone

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