Here are the forex options expiries for the 10am (15.00GMT) New York cut 14 December 2017

With two more big central banks conviening their last meetings of the year, we’re seeing the options ramp up. There’s some biggies going off today and some even bigger ones going off tomorrow. From then on we’ll probably see liquidity drop a huge amount as the market will go into holiday mode from next week. The last big CB to deliver is the BOJ next week, but there shouldn’t be much volatility around that.

Here’s today’s board and below are some choice picks for tomorrow.

Forex options expiries

Forex options expiries

Some of the bigger options rolling off tomorrow;


  • 115.00 1.14bn
  • 114.50 786m
  • 114.00 1.8bn
  • 113.50 836m
  • 113.00 730m
  • 112.50 879m
  • 112.25 1.25bn
  • 112.00 1.12bn
  • 109.50 1.39bn


  • 1.2200 2.61bn
  • 1.1950 871m
  • 1.1800 2.62bn
  • 1.1700 2.59bn


  • 136.50 791m
  • 133.00 812m
  • 130.00 950m


Ryan Littlestone

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