Details from the Bank of Canada’s business outlook survey for Q4 2017 8 January 2018

  • Future slaes indicator moderates from recent high levels
  • Indicators of capacity pressures and labour shortages picked up reflecting strong demand and tightening labour market
  • Firms expect stable sales growth or a retunr to a more sustainable pace
  • Firms plan to expand opperations to accommodate sustained demand
  • Expect growth of input prices to rise, owing to commod prices
  • Inflation expectations are modest, unchanged form Q3
  • Economic slack is now largely limited to energy producing regions
  • Aside from higher prime rates credit conditions are largely unchanged

USDCAD has gone on a biut of a wobble, jumping to 1.2450, then falling back to 1.2415. If anything, it’s a mildly hawkish report, particularly looking at the inflation comments. Whether it’s enough to get them hiking Jan 17th is unknown but there’s been no harm done either in this report.

Ryan Littlestone

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