The ECB are hosting an #AskDraghi event Jan 23rd (age restrictions apply)

The ECB are hosting a youth group event where folks can ask Mario Draghi some questions. The main topics are;

  • The possibility of a new global economic crisis
  • Cryptocurrencies and blockchain
  • Europe’s economic recovery and youth unemployment

They are restricting questions to those between the ages of 16-35 and you can send them to the ECB on twitter using hashtags #AskDraghi and/or #ECBYouthDialogue by Jan 23rd. I’m not sure how they will verify the ages so if you have something to ask, fill your boots.

The ECB have also kindly put forward some suggestions of questions for “inspiration”;

  • What are some of the current risks and opportunities in the global economy?
  • Is Europe’s financial sector more stable and secure than it was during the crisis?
  • Will bitcoin offer a viable alternative to traditional currencies?
  • What is the ECB’s view on bitcoin and other similar technologies?
  • What can the ECB do to improve economic conditions and help address unemployment?
  • Will young people also feel the benefits of the current economic recovery in Europe?
Ryan Littlestone

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