December 2017 US PCE price index and personal income and spending data 29 January 2018

  • Prior 1.8%
  • 0.1% vs 0.2% prior m/m
  • Core PCE 1.5% vs 1.5% exp y/y. Prior 1.5%
  • 0.2% vs 0.2% exp m/m. Prior 0.1%
  • Personal income 0.4% vs 0.3% exp m/m
  • Personal spending 0.4% vs 0.4% exp m/m. Prior 0.6%. Revised to 0.8%
  • Real spending 0.3% vs 0.5% prior m/m. Revised to 0.5%

PCE is one of the Fed’s measures of inflation and that it’s unchanged could see the dollar remain on the mild front foot, ahead of the FOMC. If it does stay firm, it will be more on the fact that it didn’t fall. What takes away some positivity is the confirmation of slightly softer than expected spending.

Not much happening in FX though, with only the euro showing some signs of life as it drops to 1.2364 from around 1.2375.

Ryan Littlestone

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