The latest Bundesbank monthly report 19 February 2018

  • Recent Rise In Forward Rates Partially Based On January Release Of Minutes From ECB’s December Governing Council Meeting
  • ‘Burgeoning’ Industrial Orders, Persistently Positive Econ Sentiment Suggest Rapid Pace Of German Expansion To Continue This Year
  • “Germany’s Economy Is Booming”
  • The Industrial Sector Probably Remains The Driving Force Behind The Upturn
  • Economic And Labour Market Conditions Suggest Wage Growth Will Accelerate To A More Noticeable Degree Than In Previous Years
  • The Conditions For Private Consumption Remain Favourable
  • Sentiment Is Extraordinarily Good Amongst Enterprises And Households Alike
  • Economic Momentum, Continually Supportive Macro Policy Indicate Global Economic Upswing To Continue
  • Recently Unveiled German Coalition Agreement’s Plan To Prioritise Sound Public Finances “A Welcome Development”
  • Coalition Agreement’s Plan To Avoid New Net Borrowing Could Create Problems, Including Erratic Fiscal Policy
  • Germany’s Public Finances Are Facing Major Challenges Due To Demographic Development
  • Statutory Retirement Age Should Be Raised Further, And A Slightly Lower Pension Level Should Be Considered
  • German Debt Ratio To Fall Below 60% By The End Of 2019 At The Latest
Ryan Littlestone

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