Fed Congress monetary policy report

  • Labour market now near or a little beyond full employment
  • Pace of wage gains are moderate nad have been held down by low productivity
  • Vulnerabilities In The Overall U.S. Financial System Are Moderate On Balance
  • Financial Sector Vulnerabilities Are Low; Nonbank Financial Leverage Increasing In Some Areas
  • It Sees Elevated Valuation Pressures Across A Range Of Assets Even After Accounting For Corporate Tax Cut And Current Treasury Yields
  • Equity Markets Have Been Volatile; Notes That Options-Based Measure Of Volatility Ended February Close To Historical Norm
  • Sharp Price Increases For Virtual Currencies Are Consistent With Elevated Risk Appetite
  • Household Debt Increasing Modestly; Leverage In Business Sector Elevated, Particularly For Speculative Grade Firms

The full shebang is here

Ryan Littlestone

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