One for the post-it notes

If you’re not living in the UK you may not know that we’ve had some snow. Usually this country collapses back to the Stone Age if one single flake hits ground anywhere on the island but this time we’ve had quite a dumping, with more to come tonight and tomorrow.

Given that the whole country has seen significant snow these last few days, and will see more into the weekend, I firmly expect GDP to take a hit from this. Usually there’s enough hardy souls who laugh in the face of such challenges and get themselves to work but event the most determined have been thwarted by this weather.

While it won’t be until April before we get the Q1 numbers, we should expect to see some of the monthly data reflecting the drop in productivity (buzzword of the year). A lot of it will be factored in but don’t forget how the algo’s like to push prices around on bigger data misses, even if we know the reasons why. What may bring the better trading opportunities will be the bounce back that might surprise, if it’s really strong. Europe has felt the effects of the weather too so we should perhaps think about seeing some numbers affected over there too.

Anyway, just something to note for the next month or so’s data. We like to be forward thinking here. And, fear not for productivity at ForexFlow, as we all work from home 😉 On a serious note, take care if you’re out and about in the UK.

Ryan Littlestone

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