March 2018 German and Eurozone ZEW economic sentiment 20 March 2018

  • Prior 17.8
  • Current conditions 90.7 v 90.0 exp. Prior 92.3
  • Eurozone sentiment 13.4 vs 29.3 prior

Comments from ZEW:

  • Concerns over US led global trade conflict has made German investors more cautious
  • Strong euro is also hampering the economic outlook
  • Outlook for German economy is still largely positive despite risks

Being an investor survey I can understand that folks can be a bit jumpy but the difference between this month and last month is stark. That’s investors for you, much like the rest of us, they can change thier minds and views like the weather.

EURUSD hits a low of 1.2311 but it was on its way there before the release.



Ryan Littlestone

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