Some forex order chatter from the trading desks


  • Exporter offers at 107.50 still in situ and are layered up to 108.00 where barriers and their respective protection reside
  • Stops are in place on abreak through 108.00
  • Bids seen down at 107.20, 107.00 with stops under 106.90


  • Offers 1.4200 (small), 1.4220, 1.4245/50, 1.4300, stops above 1.4310
  • Bids 1.4150/60, 1.4140, 1.4100 with stops under


  • Still range bound and 1.2400 offers stood out for themselves already, stops in pace on a break
  • Bids into 1.2335/40, 1.2320 & 1.2300/05, stops through 1.2290
  • The chatter is that there’s not too much interst/liquidity going through this pair hence why the larger orders at either end of this 100 pip range is holding the price in. We’ve also got big options stacked up within this well trodden range today.


  • Not much here I’m afraid but there’s offer seen 0.7815/20 and small bids 0.7770/80
Ryan Littlestone

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