The Commitment of Traders net speculative positions report from the CFTC as of Tuesday 24 April 2018

  • JPY +1k vs +3k prior
  • EUR +130k vs +151k prior
  • GBP +37k vs +48k prior
  • AUD -3k vs -10k prior
  • NZD +24k vs +28k prior
  • CAD -25k vs -30k prior
  • CHF -10k vs -11k prior
  • BTC -1829 vs -1883 prior
  • S&P +4k vs +2k prior
  • US10 -462k vs -372k prior

This week was about the dollar fighting back and it did so with quite aplomb. YOu can see why bond yields rallied further as shorts piled in by nearly 100k. They absolutely smashed the prior record for shorts.

CFTC US 10 year bonds positioning to 24 04 2018

Ryan Littlestone

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