April 2018 UK mortgage applications and consumer credit data 31 May 2018

  • Prior 62,914. Revised to 62,802
  • Mortgage lending 3.894bn vs 3.800bn exp. Prior 3.968bn. Revised to 3.959bn
  • Total lending 5.726bn vs 4.222bn prior. Revised to 4.384bn
  • BOE consumer credit 1.832bn vs 1.300bn exp. Prior 0.254bn. Revised to 0.425bn
  • Of which Credit cards 0.572bn vs 0.129bn prior. Revised to 0.136bn
  • Total lending to non-financials -2.820bn vs 3.976bn prior
  • Of which is SME lending -0.715bn vs 0.461bn prior
  • M4 money supply 0.2% vs -1.4% prior m/m
  • 1.1% vs 2.2% prior y/y
  • ex-financials -0.7% vs 1.2% prior 3m ann. Revised to 1.1%

Overall, slightly softer on the mortgage approvals but nothing drastic. Total lending up which could be a seasonal factor as homeowners apply for home improvement loans and businesses factor in the new financial year, although non-financials gave up last months gains so the FY thing might have been doen already. Credit card lending is up but not bubbly just yet. It’s a pretty neutral/slightly negative report.

Ryan Littlestone

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