Knowing how the market is positioned is key to trading safely through the Brexit vote

One of our key missions at ForexFlow is to help traders get through big events like today’s Brexit vote. That’s why users of the ForexFlow platform have access to a large amount of tools and analysis that informs them what’s happening right now, and how to anticipate possible moves and outcomes.

Yes, we know volatility is high but what does that mean exactly for our trading? What does it mean for possible reactions in GBP? You can probably find 10 news sources telling you that vol is high but how many have explained what it actually means and how you can trade it? At ForexFlow we gather and piece together the information that is usually only available from and to large institutions, and to a limited number of people, and we explain exactly what it means. The information we have on today’s Brexit event has given our users an inside look at how the market is positioned and how that might change. That will allow them to make the best reasoned trading choices today.

Putting together all the pieces of the trading jigsaw over big events like this serves two purposes, to allow us the best chance of taking good trades with lower risk, and protecting ourselves from being caught out in wrong trades. Knowing what the market is doing (and may need to do on any given outcome) puts us one step ahead of everyone else.

In the ForexFlow platform we don’t just dump the news and analysis on our traders and then leave them to try and decipher it, our experienced traders pick it apart and lay it out in clear terms. We are there help and guide less experienced traders through events just like this so that they can make the right decisions. We are on hand live to answer traders questions about any news and moves.

So, if you want to know what the market signals are really telling us about GBP, what the higher volatility means, what the options markets are telling us, where the institutional forex orders are sitting & how we should trade them and If you want to trade safely through this week of Brexit, you’re more than welcome to come and join us.


Ryan Littlestone

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