Theresa May comments on Boris and Brexit

There’s never a dull moment in politics.

Theresa May has come out with some comments following an earlier Telegraph story that he would resign if May doesn’t dance to his Brexit tune. May has been asked about whether she will fire Boris for his outburst;

  • Declines To Say If Foreign Minister Johnson Should Be Fired
  • Cabinet ‘Is Absolutely Clear’ On Goals For Brexi
  • To See ForMin Johnson At Various Stages Whilst In U
  • Wants Brexit To Controls Of Laws, Borders & Money
  • Will Not Pay Huge Amounts Year After Year To EU

Boris’s comments of resigning have been attributed to the jump in the pound earlier from 1.3480 odd to 1.3538. It’s being taken that Boris resigning removes a potential thorn from May’s side. That might be the market’s thinking but I’m not so sure. If Boris does resign, it won’t be to sail off into the sunset and retirement, and more likely it will possibly lead to a leadership battle that will upset the market. the last thing the UK needs right now is more political instability and if there is some, that won’t be good news for the quid.


Ryan Littlestone

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