It hasn’t taken long for the reaction pieces to May’s Florence speech

  • Challenges May and EU to agree to a 3 year transition period (May said she was looking at a two year transition)
  • The absolute priorities for business are to get trade talks moving
  • May’s constructive tone on budget and citizen rights are a welcome effort

the full statement from the BCC is here.

Expect much reaction to May’s speech as it gets digested by all and sundry. No doubt well hear what members of the government have to say all weekend.

The quid went swiftly back to 1.3568 odd after the speech but has dropped back to 1.3529.

EU’s Weber is one of the first to pop up from the EU side to say;

  • Clock is ticking faster than UK govt believes
  • More concerned now after May speech
Ryan Littlestone

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