Forex futures speculative positions data as of 19 September 2017

  • JPY short 51K vs 57K prior
  • EUR long 62K vs 86K prior
  • GBP short 10K vs 46K prior
  • AUD long 72k vs 63k prior
  • CHF short 1.5K vs 2K prior
  • CAD long 59K vs 50K prior
  • NZD long 7K vs 12K prior

That’s a hefty dump in the quid, and an obvious reaction to the BOE MPC meeting the prior week to the 19th. USD has found favour almost across the board, with the exception of USDCAD. We may see those longs trimmed again after the CPI numbers failed to increase thoughts of another BOC hike.

Ryan Littlestone

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