It’s inflation day in Germany and the regional results are all coming out 28 September 2017

Here’s the results so far (y/y);

  • Saxony 2.0% vs 1.9% prior
  • Brandenberg 1.6% vs 1.8% prior
  • Bavaria 1.8% unch
  • Hesse 2.1% vs 1.8% prior
  • North Rhine 1.9% unch
  • Baden.W 1.9% unch

The main German number is out at 12.00 GMT. Here are the expectations:

  • HICP 1.9% exp vs 1.8% prior y/y
  • 0.1% exp vs 0.2% prior m/m
  • CPI 1.8% exp vs 1.8% prior y/y
  • 0.1% exp vs 0.1% prior m/m

These are all flash numbers. The euro might get a little dissapointed if the y/y HICP number doesn’t match expectations or at least the prior in August.

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