Comments following another round of Brexit negotiations

  • UK has offered EU citizens the right of return to UK if UK citizens can move around the EU27 states
  • We have made considerable progress in talks
  • EU and UK are making decisive steps forward
  • We have made progress on citizens rights and welfare but questions remain on enforcement
  • UK disagrees with ECJ enforecment

Barnier out now too.

  • Florence speech created a new dynamic
  • We’re not there yet on Brexit talks (where are we then?)
  • More work to be done
  • EU & UK didn’t agree the ECJ must play a role
  • A big gap remains on family unification
  • Talks on financial settlemet was useful

So as bullish Davis but Barnier is playing his cards closer to his chest

And now he’s turning less positive than Davis:

  • We can only reach progress if all committments are honoured
  • We haven’t yet achieved sufficient progress
  • UK made clear it will only meet budget commitments through 2019/20

Surprisingly cable’s up a touch on this. 1.3391 trades from 1.3362-ish. GBP traders seem to be favouring the Davis comments over Barnier.

Ryan Littlestone

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