US 10 year yields are dropping again and we’re still handcuffed to the dollar

We’re all having to be bond traders again. USD is dropping as yields in the States fall. 10’s are now down to 2.332% from up around 2.36% about an hour ago.

US 10yr yields 03 10 2017

US 10yr yields 03 10 2017

USDJPYhas cracked the intraday support around 112.90 and 112.80. The next  support comes in around 112.55 but look for signs of it if we touch 112.60.

USDJPY 15m chart 03 10 2017

GBPUSD is still trying to crack 1.3260 but theEURUSD has cracked it’s own 60 level and run up to the next resistance near 1.1780.

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