Speech by Carles Puigdemont 10 October 2017

  • Vote is an exceptional moment for Catalonia
  • This is an exceptional moment for Catalonia
  • Catalonia is a European issue
  • Everyone must accept responsibility, and should lower, tensions
  • Catalans must come together despite differences
  • Has received proposals from many different sides
  • Companies moving headquarters won’t hurt our economy much
  • Last hope was that the king would mediate
  • Asks whole of Spain to be calm and respetcful
  • We do not want to overthrow the government

His tones so far are quite conciliatory and that’s lifting the euro mildly. Still more to come though.

  • Referendum voted in favour of independence
  • Catalonia has won the right to independence
  • Says that he wants to follow the will to make Catalan an independent state
  • Proposes to suspend a referendum result to open dialogue with Spain (bullish for EUR)

That’s the kicker folks. He’s offering the peace branch and putting the ball in Spain’s court.

Ryan Littlestone

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