Do the numbers stack up?

Trump tweets;

Trump stock tweet

No idea of his methodology for that so lets look at some real numbers.

Dow Jones has a very handy dashboard for all things market related to Trump. Here’s their latest (as of last night);

  • S&P 500 2,544.73. Since election day 18.94%. Since inauguration 12.42%
  • DJIA (U.S.) 22761.07 Election 24.16%. Inauguration 15.35%
  • Nasdaq (U.S.) 6579.73 -0.16% 26.69% 18.77%

Maybe he’s rounding up or averaging the Dow and Nas. All three average to 23.26%, so he’s not that far off.

It looks like Trump is the best thing to happen to the stock market since the Fed became the best thing to happen to the stock market 😉

If you want to check out the DJ dashboards, they also have a Brexit one. They’re free and a handy indicator for stattos, so give it a go.

Ryan Littlestone

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