EU Brexit man Michel Barnier advises ministers on the state of play following the latest round of negotiations

  • Brexit talks were constructive but there were no big steps forward (any little steps then?)
  • There are still disagreements on citizens rights (that flies in the face of what David and May have been saying)
  • UK will introduce a simplified systems for EU citizens to claim rights in UK
  • Conditions remain to start talks on a future ambitious partnership
  • There’s more work to do on Ireland
  • There’s deadlock in Brexit talks (GBPUSD falls to 1.3172)
  • Decisive progress is possible in next 2 months
  • There is a new momentum and progress is withinn grasp (Less bearish comments)
  • A ‘no deal’ would be a very bad deal
  • EU is ready to face all eventualities

There’s two things going on here. The UK is bullish over solutions to things like citizens rights and borders, while the EU is less enthused. Now, that could mean the UK is talking things up or the EU is talking things down. It’s probably a mix of both.

UK’s Davis up now too;

  • Is confident about agreement on citizens rights soon
  • EU citizens in UK will have a completely new and streamlined, low-cots registration system
  • Specific financial commitments to EU can only come later
  • UK is ready to start discussions on furture talks
  • Hopes EU27 will recognise the progress we’ve made (they’ll only recognise what Barnier tells them chum)
  • If ‘no deal’ is a possibility, we muct be ready
  • UK gov is planning for all scenarios and money will be spent when needed.
Ryan Littlestone

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