US oil inventory data week ending 03 November 2017

  • Prior -2.435m
  • Overnight private data -1.562m
  • Cushing 0.720m vs 0.090m prior (Overnight private data 0.812m)
  • Gasoline -3.312m vs -1.850m exp. Prior -4.020m (OPD +0.520m)
  • Distillates -3.359m vs -1.000m exp. Prior -0.320m (OPD -3.133m)
  • Production 9.620m vs 9.553m prior. Highest since 1983.

That’s caught the market on the hop a bit but we’re well supported with the upcoming OPEC meeting so the reaction so far has been muted. WYI was trading around 56.80 pre-release and is at 56.55 now.

Ryan Littlestone

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