Comments from UK Chancellor Philip Hammond and his budget statement 22 November 2017

  • Brexit talks are in a critical phase
  • We are determined the UK will be prepared for every possible Brexit outcome
  • UK economy is confounding those who talk it down
  • We at last see our debt peaking
  • Will increase main R&D tax credit to buisinesses to 12%
  • UK tax free allowance for personal income tax raised to £11,850 from £11,500
  • Higher rate tax threshold rasied to £46,350 vs £45,000 prior, in 2018
  • Petrol/diesel duty frozen
  • Will freeze indexation of cap gains corp tax (firms will recieve inflation relief into 2018 but no further)
  • Will not lower VAT but will consult on design
  • Will bring forward indexing of corp tax againts CPI not RPI in 2018

GBP suffering on the lower forecasts.

Ryan Littlestone

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