Here are today’s forex option expiries for the 10 am (15.00 GMT) New York cut 11 December 2017

Some interesting developments in the options world. There’s a few more barrier popping up, namely in USDJPY & GBPUSD. Those USDJPY barrier could be in play before/over the Fed but it remains to be seen how big they are. The chatter is that the 115.00 barrier that’s been in place for quite some time is the big one, and it’s on a par with the 110 barrier below. I’ve no info on sizes or who’s behind them (110 & 115) but they could be acting like a DNT.

The GBPUSD barriers are well above the current price but depending on their expiry, if they’re in place over the holiday period, they could well contain prices as liquidity drops (should we go up that far anyway).

Update: There’s an AUDUSD barrier that’s still alive at 0.7500. I forgot to add it to the board.

Forex option expiries

Forex option expiries


Ryan Littlestone

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