Another quick preview for you ahead of the ECB

  • Rates and QE to be left unchanged (well, unchanged from the details given at the last meeting)
  • We’ll get the finer details on the reduced QE, re-investments, allocations etc. They might be mildly market moving for bonds and stocks depending on what they change about
  • Latest staff economic forecasts are delivered

In theory, this should be another washout. We knew what we were getting this month at the last meeting. What could bring significant changes is the updated forecasts.

Here’s September’s forecasts;

ECB forecasts

Aside from the QE stuff, the forecasts will be worth watching. There’s a good chance that growth forecasts get hiked to show some confidence in the recovery. As per the Fed and BOE, any changes to the inflation numbers will scrutinised. If they’re left unchanged, the euro may soften, hiked and the euro could gain.

Like the BOE, I’m not expecting fireworks but you never know.

For the presser, the live feed has been plugged into the home and TV pages.

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