The Commitment of Traders net speculative positions report from the CFTC as of Tuesday 26 December 2017

  • JPY -116k vs -114k prior
  • EUR +92k vs +86k prior
  • GBP +13k vs +20k prior
  • AUD -14k vs -13k prior
  • NZD -18k vs -17k prior
  • CAD +17k vs +46k prior
  • CHF -14k vs -17k prior
  • Bitcoin -1801 vs -1507 prior

Those AUD longs that turned short last week must be feeling a bit sick seeing as we’ve added some 300 pips in the last 3 weeks. CAD longs are surprisingly cut as USDCAD fell out of bed. How much of all this is profit taking or year-end squaring is unknown.

What’s also been added to the COT report is Bticoin (whoopee), so now we can see how they fair too. Bitcoin opened with an overall short position. There were roughly twice as many shorts to longs in the first week of trading, and that’s increased this week with 3033 shorts to 1232 longs. How they are spread is interesting too.

Net positioning

  • Dealer/intermediary +39 and
  • Asset managers/Institutionals 0
  • Leveraged funds -879
  • Other reportables -961
  • Non-reportables +1801

Total current open interest is 3737.

Ryan Littlestone

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