The Commitment of Traders net speculative positions report from the CFTC as of Tuesday 02 January 2018

  • JPY -122k vs -116k prior
  • EUR +128k vs +92k prior
  • GBP +16k vs +13k prior
  • AUD -20k vs -14k prior
  • NZD -17k vs -18k prior
  • CAD +15k vs +17k prior
  • CHF -16k vs -14k prior
  • BTC -1688 vs -1801 prior

The euro positioning is reflective of the price moves over the last week or so of 2017. Yen shorts piled it on too. Bitcoin shorts decreased a touch while its open interest rose to 4065 vs 3737 prior. It’s still a very expensive contract to trade so we shouldn’t be expecting volumes to balloon.

CFTC futures positioning

CFTC futures positioning as of 02 01 2018

Ryan Littlestone

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