SDP’s Martin Schulz says there will be a chinwag this evening

  • SDP, CSU & CDU leader will meet Monday evening for talks
  • SDP will consider how to position itself this week for negotiations
  • Will discuss all issues again in negotiations

Remember, we still don’t actually have a full coalition deal at the moment. The inhouse SDP votes was to give the thumbsup for the blueprint of the coalition talks. That it passed doesn’t make a final agreement a foregone conclusion but it’s more likely than not. As with everything in politics, we should still be prepared for some final twists and turns.

There’s no reaction in the euro to this news and I doub’t there will be one when everything is finally agreed, other than maybe a small relief move. The bigger risk is if we get any negative headlines now the market is set up for a positive conclusion.

Ryan Littlestone

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