US EIA oil inventory data week ending 26 January 2018

  • Prior -1.071m. Ovenight private data +3.229m
  • Cushing -2.224m vs -3.150m prior. OPD -2.383m
  • Gasoline -1.980m vs 2.000m exp. Prior 3.098m. OPD 2.692m
  • Distillates -1.940m vs -0.700m exp. Prior 0.693m. OPD -4.096m
  • Production 9.919m vs 9.878m prior

WTI naturally has taken a hit and was first bounced down to around 64.10 from 64.36, then it dropped further to 63.90. That’s a bigger builed than expected , even vs the OPD numbers but once again, the big number is the prodcution number, which hits another new high.

Ryan Littlestone

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