Now the trades, news and analysis will be delivered quicker than ever

If you take a peep at our front page (click the ForexFlow logo at the top if you’re not on it), you’ll see we have a new live news feature. This allows us to get all the important news, data and trades from the writers out even faster than normal.

Primarily it’s for alerting traders to any breaking headlines, while normal posts will follow in the usual fashion. Those can be viewed via the Flow News page, or via the post stream under the new live news feature. Further down you can see the latest stories on all our covered subjects.

ForexFlow is striving to bring you the best trades, trading news and analysis, and your views are important to us, so if you have a suggestion or some feedback (good or bad), please feel free to let us know. This is a site for traders, by traders so your input is taken seriously.



Ryan Littlestone

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